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6 Ways Your Life Changes Forever Once You Become A New Parent

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The most trans formative thing that happens in life is becoming a parent, and once you become a first-time mom, you will see that your life will have changed forever. And, this is something that no one can ever prepare any mom-to-be (or dad-to-be). You find this out on your own, and let’s look at the 6 ways that your life will be forever changed once you become a mom.

You will find that your life no longer revolves around you – This is why if you don’t think you are able to give anything of yourself at all, you should not become a parent. No one can prepare you for how this particular part of parenthood changes your life but you need to realize one thing. Once you become a parent, life is no longer about you. However, that also does not mean to ever neglect your needs because if you do that, you will not be able to give anything of yourself to your baby! But the baby always comes first.

You cannot just get up and go like you were able to in the past – If your friends are meeting up for coffee or for drinks, you will not be able to get up and go. You can always bring your baby along with you at the outing you want to have with your friends if they are meeting at a coffee shop. However, if it interferes with the baby’s nap time, then it will not be a good idea. This does not mean however that you cannot go out and see your friends again. You need to get out when you can because it is essential for your sanity. However, you will need to plan for it and get a sitter as spontaneous outings are going to be no longer a thing once you are a parent.

You’ll have a shift in your attitude about people – This is actually very true. You will find that after having a baby, you will cherish those times that you go out so much that you may find that the people who you didn’t like before you suddenly do like. Or, you will end up finding that the friend who you used to enjoy going to clubs with often is no longer going to be relevant in your life. That is because you and that friend are at very different stages in life and you will find that to be with those who are childless.

Your group of friends will change – This is an extension somewhat of the point above. That is because your childless friends will end up dropping out of your life and you will end up becoming friends with other parents. After all, you have a lot in common with them so this would not at all be a surprising thing to learn.

Sleep becomes a foreign concept – Those days when you were able to sleep for 9 hours straight will no longer exist when you become a parent. You will be up in the night initially a lot while you are having to take care of feedings, diaper changes, and anything else that the baby will need! You will find that you can get by just fine by sleeping for 3 hours at a time throughout the day.

Your dignity starts to lessen – You will be walking around with spit-up stains on your clothes, you will forget to brush your hair, and you will not have the time or the energy to put makeup on. And, the truth is, once you are a new mom, you will not care either. You are too tired to care because you no longer are the focus, your baby is! Becoming a new parent is most definitely the ultimate life-changing experience and because of this, it is a huge adjustment that will easily throw new parents. And this is why it is always essential to look after your needs even though the baby comes first. You need to watch out for your mental health because if you are struggling in ways where you are experiencing a lot of sadness, anxiety, restlessness, a lack of desire to do anything you once enjoyed, or you don’t feel like yourself – then you need to seek help right away as you may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. Just remember that once the baby grows, you start growing into parenthood as well, and you will see that this is really your new life!

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7 Items That You Don’t Need To Buy For Your Baby

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When you are expecting a baby, you have so many things to organize such as making sure that the nursery is prepared and stocked, and making sure that you have the essential items in place towards the end of the pregnancy. That means you will want to stock up on diapers, blankets, sleepers, clothing, and bottles whether you choose to nurse or formula-feed. However, while you are adding items to your registry list, you will want to omit the following because they are simply not necessary and some can even be dangerous:

Socks and Booties – Baby socks are cute, but they clearly are not necessary, and the same goes for booties. That is because they get lost, and the sleepers that babies wear will provide their feet with the warmth and comfort that they need. They may look tempting to buy because they are so adorable but don’t add them to the list because it is not worth the money. They do nothing other than provide cute decorations which you also don’t need.

Crib Bumpers – Parents may think that crib bumpers are cute and add the baby extra protection but the opposite is actually true. The American Academy of Pediatrics has actually stated that crib bumpers are not safe and can increase the chances of SIDS. Babies are fine in their cribs with nothing in it and it is the safest thing for them as well.

Baby Food Maker – Why spend money on a baby food maker when you can use your own processor that you already have in your kitchen to make pureed baby food? That is completely fine to not want to buy jarred baby food from the grocery store if you prefer to make your own. But again, there is no need to use a baby food maker for that. You can use your own processor for your meals as well as the meals for your baby.

Bottle Warmer – Why spend money on a bottle warmer if you can warm up the bottle in a pot of piping hot water instead? Because it provides the same thing as the bottle warmer does. Use your existing pot and put very hot water in it to warm the bottle and it will be warmed up quickly. Additionally, if your baby is screaming for the bottle, it takes minutes for the bottle warmer to heat up. All you need to do instead is put water into a pot on the hottest setting and it will heat up quickly. Warming up the bottle in that will take less than one minute to do.

Burp Cloths – Yes, babies constantly spit up and you will need to cover your shoulder with protection when you hold the baby. However, you do not need to spend money on burp cloths since old rags and pieces of old clothing that aren’t usable otherwise will keep your clothing just as protected. Save your money and utilize those items instead.

Wipe Warmer – Why would you need a wipe warmer? Because you are afraid that the cold moist wipe could upset your baby’s bottom and cause plenty of crying? Yes, that is a valid concern however, you can warm up the wipe by using your own body heat by cupping your hands over it. That will have the same effect and it is a lot cheaper to do it that way too.

Baby Brush – Why need a baby brush since your baby has very little hair, and will have very little hair for a long time? You can always neaten up your baby’s hair with a good old comb. Chances are you have plenty of unused combs you can use for the baby, and even if they are used, just wash it with warm water and soap and it will be usable for neatening up your baby’s hair!

Now you know of these 7 items to omit when you are shopping for your new baby, or when you are creating your registry list. You will need items such as carriers, car seats, strollers, and clothing that the baby will need among other necessities. Make sure you focus on those and forget about the unnecessary baby stuff that expert marketers are trying to sell new parents who are unfamiliar with what they need to buy for their babies. These marketers take advantage of their lack of knowledge but we are telling you right here and right now not at all to fall for any of it and good luck!

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Precautions During Pregnancy

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Nature has blessed women with the capacity to create life and thus pregnancy is a very crucial phase of any woman’s life. These nine months, one needs to be very careful as it can be very complicated at times. You need to take necessary precautions so that you have a smooth pregnancy. Often people who are pregnant are given advise by their family and friends regarding what is good for the baby and the mother. At times, it can be very confusing for the would-be mother regarding the dos and don’ts. To clear any doubt, one can always ask questions related to pregnancy in platforms like .

Instructions For A Healthy Pregnancy

Some of the following points you must remember when you conceive are:

Firstly, it is essential to follow a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy because during this period, your immune system gets partially suppressed and as a result, you are prone to food borne illnesses. Due to this, you might suffer from diarrhea or vomiting which makes it difficult for the fetus to get the required nutrients. Hence, make sure that your diet comprises of lots of vegetables, fruits, pulses and legumes, nuts, whole grains and lean meats.

It is necessary to always keep yourself hydrated. Thus, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Nutrient supplements such as folic acid and iron capsules can be taken on a daily basis like ttc kit reviews but before that, it is better to consult with your gynecologist. A lot of time it is seen that during pregnancy, one becomes very inactive. But ideally one should try to be more active during these months and also do some exercises regularly. You can also do yoga which is specifically done during pregnancy. If you are doubtful about the workout regime that should be followed, then consult a professional trainer who can guide you to follow a fitness regime in the correct way without putting your safety at risk. This will help to stay fit and during delivery, you will be able to deal in a better way with labor pain. It is very important to sleep well during pregnancy. You must ensure to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every night. It is important to take proper rest so that your mind and body is always relaxed during this period. One should not smoke during pregnancy. Intake of nicotine can increase the risk of preterm birth, miscarriage or death of the infant. If you are finding it difficult to quit then better to speak to your doctor. You must avoid drinking alcohol during these nine months it can cause some behavior and learning problems in babies. This is also known as fetal alcohol syndrome due to which the baby’s growth is slow and may have abnormal facial features. And unfortunately, there is no cure for it yet. Keep in mind to check the labels of the medicines you take as many of the medicines have alcohol as an ingredient.

It is also advised to avoid caffeine as it can cause irritability, irregularities in heartbeats, nervousness, anxiety, and lack of sleep. Some researches show that it can be responsible for some birth defects of the baby. Hence, better not to drink tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and cocoa. There are a lot of medicines for allergy, headache, cold and drowsiness which have caffeine as an ingredient. If you have been drinking caffeine for a long time then it is better to reduce your intake gradually and not abruptly because it can cause nausea, headaches, and fatigue. Try to keep yourself away from any exposure to toxic substances such as cleaners, chemicals or insecticides. Keep a distance from your pets too since it might carry microbial infections. If you have plans for a trip, then better to plan it in the second trimester which starts with the 14th week. Do not keep sitting for a long duration in the car or flight. And not to forget, you must wear the seat belt whenever you are traveling. It is always better to consult your doctor whenever you have plans for a trip. Make sure to visit your doctor for a routine check-up and feel free to discuss any difficulty in case if you are facing any.

Know About Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes which can occur to someone only during pregnancy. It can happen to anyone with high blood glucose, irrespective of the fact that they never had diabetes before pregnancy. But this does not mean that one cannot deliver a healthy baby. With proper consultation with the gynecologist, it is possible to manage the level of blood sugar. Usually, with gestational diabetes, the mother tends to develop type2 diabetes but once the baby is born, not necessarily you will continue to have diabetes.

During pregnancy, as the baby grows, it is supported by the hormones from the placenta. But it causes blockage of the insulin of the mother’s body. This is termed as insulin resistance due to which it becomes difficult for the mother’s body from using insulin and as a result the mother suffers from gestational diabetes as there is a crisis of insulin which is required for pregnancy. For the glucose to convert into energy, it needs enough insulin.

Its Causes

There are some factors that can be responsible for causing gestational diabetes. They are the following:

If a mother was already overweight, way before getting pregnant, then there are high chances to get gestational diabetes. People who are Asian, African American, Native American or Hispanic also tend to develop this type of diabetes. If you have a high level of blood sugar, you will tend to have gestational diabetes. You may inherit diabetes in case if it runs in the family and your immediate family members are already diabetic. If this is the second time you are pregnant and you already have a history of gestational diabetes while you had your first child, then there is a high probability for it to occur again.

Procedure For Diagnosis

Usually, between the 24th to 28th weeks of pregnancy, the gynecologist conducts tests to check and verify if the patient is suffering from gestational diabetes. For such test, the patient is asked to drink a sugary liquid for raising the levels of blood sugar. And then, after an hour, a blood sample will be taken from the patient for a blood test so that it checks the response of the body to all that sugar. In case, if the blood sugar is higher, then some additional tests will be done which may comprise of a test done on empty stomach and glucose test which will be elaborate one and it can be time taking.

You might have a risk of getting gestational diabetes although your results show normal blood sugar level if any of the factors causing such diabetes are valid in your case. In such cases, the doctor asks you to go for a test again in the later part of your pregnancy to ensure that you are still free from diabetes.

It’s Treatment

But in case, if you are unfortunately diagnosed with gestational diabetes, then you will have to get started with your treatment as soon as possible. You will be asked to keep a track of your blood sugar levels more than 5 times within a day.

Also, you might have to keep doing urine tests for detecting ketones which will imply that your diabetes is out of control. As per your doctor’s instruction, you will have to follow a healthy diet. In such cases, exercise is must and it is better to grow a habit of working out. Your weight gain will be monitored by your doctor and accordingly, you will be prescribed to take medicines and insulin for gestational diabetes.

Effect On Baby

It is very obvious to be concerned about how the baby will be affected because of the mother’s diabetes. In such cases, the mother gets affected in the later phase of pregnancy and by then the body of the baby is already formed and it continues to grow. Hence, not necessarily there will be any defect when the baby is born. But yes, if the gestational diabetes is not treated well then there are chances for the baby to get hurt. Such babies have chances to suffer from obesity because of the excess insulin. Thus, it is better not to ignore if a person is detected with such diabetes.

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