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6 Ways Your Life Changes Forever Once You Become A New Parent

The most trans formative thing that happens in life is becoming a parent, and once you become a first-time mom, you will see that your life will have changed forever. And, this is something that no one can ever prepare any mom-to-be (or dad-to-be). You find this out on your own, and let’s look at the 6 ways that your life will be forever changed once you become a mom.

You will find that your life no longer revolves around you – This is why if you don’t think you are able to give anything of yourself at all, you should not become a parent. No one can prepare you for how this particular part of parenthood changes your life but you need to realize one thing. Once you become a parent, life is no longer about you. However, that also does not mean to ever neglect your needs because if you do that, you will not be able to give anything of yourself to your baby! But the baby always comes first.

You cannot just get up and go like you were able to in the past – If your friends are meeting up for coffee or for drinks, you will not be able to get up and go. You can always bring your baby along with you at the outing you want to have with your friends if they are meeting at a coffee shop. However, if it interferes with the baby’s nap time, then it will not be a good idea. This does not mean however that you cannot go out and see your friends again. You need to get out when you can because it is essential for your sanity. However, you will need to plan for it and get a sitter as spontaneous outings are going to be no longer a thing once you are a parent.

You’ll have a shift in your attitude about people – This is actually very true. You will find that after having a baby, you will cherish those times that you go out so much that you may find that the people who you didn’t like before you suddenly do like. Or, you will end up finding that the friend who you used to enjoy going to clubs with often is no longer going to be relevant in your life. That is because you and that friend are at very different stages in life and you will find that to be with those who are childless.

Your group of friends will change – This is an extension somewhat of the point above. That is because your childless friends will end up dropping out of your life and you will end up becoming friends with other parents. After all, you have a lot in common with them so this would not at all be a surprising thing to learn.

Sleep becomes a foreign concept – Those days when you were able to sleep for 9 hours straight will no longer exist when you become a parent. You will be up in the night initially a lot while you are having to take care of feedings, diaper changes, and anything else that the baby will need! You will find that you can get by just fine by sleeping for 3 hours at a time throughout the day.

Your dignity starts to lessen – You will be walking around with spit-up stains on your clothes, you will forget to brush your hair, and you will not have the time or the energy to put makeup on. And, the truth is, once you are a new mom, you will not care either. You are too tired to care because you no longer are the focus, your baby is! Becoming a new parent is most definitely the ultimate life-changing experience and because of this, it is a huge adjustment that will easily throw new parents. And this is why it is always essential to look after your needs even though the baby comes first. You need to watch out for your mental health because if you are struggling in ways where you are experiencing a lot of sadness, anxiety, restlessness, a lack of desire to do anything you once enjoyed, or you don’t feel like yourself – then you need to seek help right away as you may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety. Just remember that once the baby grows, you start growing into parenthood as well, and you will see that this is really your new life!

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